Prolotherapy injections for the knee and lower limb

Prolotherapy is known as the nonsurgical ligament reconstruction, and a treatment for chronic pain. Growth factor levels are raised by injections of a proliferant and work to promote tissue repair or growth. The body responds to the irritation from the injections by laying down extra ligament-like tissue and strengthens the area. It repairs weakened and torn ligaments by a natural healing mechanism. Prolotherapy is a safe, effective non-surgical treatment that provides increased strength in joints, ligaments and tendons and may even eliminate longstanding joint pain without the use of drugs or surgery.

Common problems of the lower limb that respond well to prolotherapy are:

Achilles tendon pain


pain in the 2nd toe joints

Chronic ankle sprain

Heel pain or plantar fasciitis


Knee injuries

A simple knee injury when young, triples the risk of arthritis in that knee years later. Even if the problem is not treated until the onset of pain in middle age, the problem can usually be treated effectively to prevent the progression of osteoarthritis.

Knee pain


If the joint is put under sudden great strain as in a car accident, a severe fall or from lifting a heavy object, the ligament (bands of tough fibrous tissue that are responsible for holding joints in place) will be stretched or torn and do not heal well due to poor blood supply.



Pain under the balls of the feet.


Morton's neuroma

Pain in-between the 3rd and 4th toes.



When ligaments are too loose, the joint slips and slides out of the track it was designed to follow and the cartilage becomes worn causing osteoarthritis.


Shin splints


Sports Injuries

Most sports injuries that need strapping can be treated more effectively by stabilizing the joint with prolotherapy and the effect is usually permanent in young healthy people.  Lateral ankle ligaments and medial knee ligaments are the commonest of these problems.


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